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    EJEA series

    Main features of Automobile Air Conditioner EJEA series For Electric Bus:
          Compressor, evaporator and condenser on bus roof, with Composite material with high strength of shell, Streamline modelling which looks beautiful and generous, no pipeline within automobile air conditioner. No need to refill refrigerant on site, only with power on by connection on electric/control line
          High efficiency & fully closed on Horizontal vortex compressor, with φ7mm internal thread copper segment type, Hydrophilic aluminum foil in evaporator, product energy efficiency ratio is high up to 3.2
          We have design class III insulation, anti-creep for control system, high/low voltage and decompression, anti-frosting on evaporator, protection system for excessive/low current, overload/overcurrent, short circuit, etc. To ensure safety character of product
          Automatic control system for digital display, automatic temperature control, automatic fault diagnosis, reliable control and easy to repair/maintenance
          A wide scope of application on voltage between DC260 and 750 v, which suits all kinds of trolleybus, and electric driven, hybrid electrical driven bus with clean energy