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    SuZhou JoyLeng Automobile Technology Co., Ltd. Locates in FunHu Hi-tech development Zone in Su Zhou, JiangSu Province,which is an technology enterprise on movable air conditioner on large,medium bus, trolley bus,refrigerated vehicle, both on research & development, manufacturing,sales and service。

    We have senior & professional team with lots of experiences on domestic movable air conditioner,both on Technology and management side。

    We strived on research & development by our own grou,and focus on “Safety,Energy Saving,Environment Protection,Comfort” as our design

    purpose。We work on advanced technology on movable air conditioner, put more effort & focus on manufacturing, quality control

     and installation guidance,to ensure hi-technology, high efficiency, more reliable products by inheriting good experiences among our group,active innovation and integration of advanced technology。

    We provide life-cycle solution on movable air conditioner,setup integral service module on “Before sale,sale,after sale”,which means “Provide multiple choice to customer before sales”,“Provide guidance while sales”,“Full way tracking after sales”?!癉o our customer partners forever” is our service idea。

    “Together the world excellence,to create an internal brand”,JoyLeng Technology will base our talent, research & development as our core,create more fresh and comfortable surroundings as our duties, to devote JoyLeng Technology as “Expert on movable air conditioner”。